Student Internship Experiences

Finding Your Passion Through an Internship

It is always a puzzle to find out how Internship class works.  It is a very exciting class because you are reflecting on real-world experience in a meaningful way.  This reflection helps students develop skills on the job.   It also …

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Internship in Communication at Arcadia

Every semester I have at least one student ask the question, “What can I do with a degree in Communication?”  One of the courses I teach, CM101 (Introduction to Media Studies) answers that question.  The course has many goals and …

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Internship Blog Post by Colette Sabins

Since starting my internship at Harper’s BAZAAR in the fashion closet I have learned a great deal about the preparation and attention to detail needed to produce high-end fashion editorials/cover stories. I have seen the process in all areas of …

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