Specializations: World Cinema

Goldsmith’s College, University of London, London

MC5 3045A Cinema and Society

CU53005A Surrealism in the Cinema

MC 53047A Chinese Cinemas

MC5 3049A Screen Cultures

MC5 0002A Introduction to Screen Drama Production

MC5 3038A Music as Communication and Creative Practice

MC5 3048A Media Rituals


University of St. Andrews

FM4107 Cinema and Nation

FM4202 The Cinema in Eastern Europe

FM2001 Modern World Cinemas

FM4101 Time, National Identity and Cinema

FM4102 Film, Politics and Cultural Histories

FM4203 American Independent Cinema


Griffith University, Gold Coast

1015HUM Screen History and Research

1704GFS Cinematography

1710GFS Film & TV: mid 20thC

1009HUM Intro to Screen Analysis

2712GFS Asia Pacific Film (Asia Pacific film


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