Specializations: Media Production

University of Westminster, London

MED 696 Media Production Skills

FTV 402 Aesthetics of television

FAS 406 Experimental design and modernity

AN1 504 Practical Animation

PHO 545 Digital Imaging

GRA 404 Visual Representation


Bond University, Gold Coast

FITV12-242 Mobile Screen Media

FITV11-150 Producing 1: Film Industry

JOUR12-230 Ethical and Legal Strategies for the Media

MMDE12-220 Designing Sound Environments

MMDE12-250 2D Animation and Simple Games

FITV12-203 Editing 1


Griffith University, Gold Coast

1502HUM Communication Performance

1501HUM New Communication Tech

1708GFS Editing

1705GFS Scriptwriting 1

1702GFS Multicam 1

1701GFS Intro to Screen Production


Courses listed here are only suggestions as we have no control over which courses are offered by host universities. You need to select similar courses for your concentration with the approval of the adviser and the Chair of the Department.