Specializations: Fashion Studies

London Now Program, London College of Fashion

LCOF COPR 100 Fashion PR

LCOF DEVM 100 Visual Merchandising and Space Management

LCOF DEFA 290 Theoretical and Social Fashion Studies

LCOF HSEC 130 Historical and contemporary fashion research studies

LCOF SADP 110 Introduction to Digital Photography

LCOF JOFB 120 Fashion and Beauty Journalism

LCOF DEFA 100 Fashion Forecasting


Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane

KFB103 Introduction to Fashion Design

KFB105 Fashion and Modernity

KFB203 Fashion, Art and the Body

KGB205 Fashion and Style Journalism

KVB108 Contemporary Asian Visual Culture


Courses listed here are only suggestions as we have no control over which courses are offered by host universities. You need to select similar courses for your concentration with the approval of the adviser and the Chair of the Department.