Specializations: Cultural Studies

Goldsmith’s College, University of London, London

MC5 2005B Culture, Society and the Individual

SO53046A Global Development and Underdevelopment

SO52079B Contemporary Cultural Theory

CU52003A The Making of Modernity: Late 19th and Early 20th-Century Concepts of the Modern

SO53149A Race, ‘Racism’ and Social Theory

CU5 1010A Understanding Society


University of Technology, Sydney

58228 Culture, Science and Nature

58316 World Cities and Globalisations

58123 Society, Economy and Globalization

58120 Creativity and Culture

58127 Information Cultures

58317 Transnational Media


University of New South Wales, Sydney

INST3301 Economic Growth, Technology and Structural Change

ARTS1811 International Relations: Continuity & Change

ARTS2846 Multiculturalism in Political Theory

INST3012 Theorizing International Political Economy

GLST3001 Globalization Studies Research Seminar

MDIA5007 Media, Ethics and Law


Courses listed here are only suggestions as we have no control over which courses are offered by host universities. You need to select similar courses for your concentration with the approval of the adviser and the Chair of the Department.