Shekhar Deshpande

S_DeshpandeDr. Shekhar Deshpande is a Professor of the Department of Media and Communication. He teaches courses in Visual Cultures, Short Film, World Cinema and Film and TV after 9-11. His research and writing areas include World Cinema, Film and Philosophy and Visual Cultures. He also contributes to Little India Magazine where he is also a Media Editor.

Dr. Deshpande completed his Ph. D. from Southern Illinois University, his M. A. in Broadcasting from the University of Tennessee and his M. S. in Chemistry from University of Bombay. He also received a diploma in Broadcasting from Xavier Institute of Communication in Bombay.

His writings have been published in Studies in European Cinema, Widescreen, Film International and Senses of Cinema.

He writes World Cinema column for DearCinema and writes a blog on cinema as well as a blog on visual cultures.

He held Frank and Evelyn Steinbrucker Endowed Chair from 2005 until 2008.

Links to his websiteWorld Cinema blog and Anthology Film blog

Office: Murphy 226