Michael Dwyer

M_DwyerMichael D. Dwyer is Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Media and Communication. He specializes in film, cultural studies, and new media. He has taught courses in media studies, film, writing, popular music, race/gender/class in popular culture, and critical theory.

Professor Dwyer’s scholarly research to date has focused on the phenomenon of nostalgia in popular media. He is currently at work on a manuscript entitled Back to the Fifties which interrogates Reagan-Era popular culture’s peculiar interest in the 1950s, and the ways in which history, memory, and media intersect in audiences’ emotional responses to film, music, and television. He also has published essays on DIY youth cultures, riot grrrl and the video art of Sadie Benning, and the current academic fascination with fandom.

Outside the classroom Professor Dwyer has interests in American soccer, DIY music and culture, theater, pub trivia, bakeries, bad karaoke, and old movie theaters.

Office: Murphy 224