minorsStudents across the campus may choose one of the three minors offered by the department. You may want to see adviser in your department first to make sure these minors fit in the degree requirements for your major. You need to also have an adviser for your minor from the Department of Media and Communication.

Cinema Studies minor allows you to choose five courses in film to develop a focus in studying and writing on film. In addition to a common required course, students may choose any other film courses across the campus, as indicated in the possible listing of courses. Preparation in watching and analyzing films will allow you to appreciate films better and also prepare you to look further into the most important artistic medium of our time. Your skills in analysis and writing will also open up additional fields of opportunity.

International Film minor provides a broad orientation to how cinema has grown around the world in wonderful diversity and challenging complexity. Watching films from different cultures requires an orientation that is absolutely necessary in our complex, multicultural and global environment. A selection of courses in world cinema at Arcadia University will take you closer to being a literate citizen of the world and also open up the exciting world of cinema across the globe.

Communications minor will bring you a step closer to a career in media and add to your understanding of how our environment is shaped in the media age. You may choose courses to develop a focus in video, journalism or corporate communication or choose a broad selection of courses to test the depth and breadth of the field. You may tailor your selection in consultation with your adviser.